Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Magnum's Buzzkill - OnRequest Deal Dead?

Back in January, we were critical of Magnum's deal with OnRequest, and just how bad an idea it was (Message to Magnum - Pass The Dutchie, You've Had Too Much, 1/18/08), where Magnum's efforts to expand into commercial/corporate work was to be handled by OnRequest.
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Now, if the whispering is true (and I expect it is), that deal is dead. Apparently, Magnum wanted more control of the production end of things, and OnRequest said no, and a power struggle ensued. Inquiries to Magnum head Mark Lubell seeking comment, were not returned.

Well, it seems that just a few months have gone by, and the high that was, is now the dim afterglow of roaches in the ashtray, the beer is gone, the sun is rising on a new day, and the lingering effects of a hangover are clearing the haze that caused this deal to happen in the first place.

With this the case, I say - Good move Magnum, and isn't this about strike 3 for OnRequest?

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