Sunday, August 3, 2008

Enter Laforet: Game On!

It is with pleasure that I highly recommend you check out my friend Vincent Laforet's blog - titled - what else? - Vincent Laforet's Blog! Calling something that Vincent has engaged in something as basic as that belies it's future potential. Consider something titled 17, or, The White Album.

Vincent uses this as the graphic lead-in for his blog - a very cool aerial:

So what's he got over there?
(Continued after the Jump)

Before leaving for the Olympic Games, he's posted tech tips, a link to his piece "The Cloud is Falling", and it's an opportunity to dialog direct with Vincent.

He's also got a list of his mentors (in case you were wondering), his favorite blogs and websites, and a list of friends and colleagues. I'm guessing that since he listed this blog on the Blogs I Read Daily section, I didn't make it onto the Photographers Friends & Influences section. Who knows, maybe that will change!

So, head on over there, and see what he's got to share. Bookmark it, and follow along as Vincent blogs from Beijing! (Censors permitting!)

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