Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is Your Seminar Really A Sales Pitch?

Aaron over at What The Duck is spot-on here. I can't tell you how many programs I've PAID to attend that become 55 minutes sales pitch, 5 minutes useful information.

Now, I'm not saying that if I wasn't already going to use the product, the 55 minutes of demonstrating how great the product (or service) is, but when a program is billed as "Learn how to retouch" and then the entire session is a sales pitch for a set of photoshop actions, or a program is billed as "learn how to light" and the entire program is a sales pitch for a brand of lights, that's just plain wrong.

More than once I've attended organizational chapter meetings where it was a sales pitch for a lab, when it was supposed to be about how to color manage, or it was supposed to be how to develop a great website and it ended up being "here's how great our website service is".

Be darn sure you know who is presenting, and who they may be schilling for. The common refrain "know before you go" applies here.
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