Friday, October 10, 2008

CosmoGirl - Good Riddance!

Daryl Lang over at PDNPulse - Breaking News: CosmoGirl To Fold - reports of the demise of CosmoGirl. Good Riddance I say.

Several years ago, I was speaking with a photographer who shared with me the response they got from a photo editor there, when they inquired to him about an image they wanted to use of his:

"Dear XXXX,

We really like the photo you sent, and think it's a great fit for the story. As to your question about payment, we don't pay to run photos, but we do provide a photo credit...."

Needless to say, his photo didn't run, because they were not paying. This publisher clearly wanted to improve their bottom line on the backs of creatives, and so, to that end, I say as they finally fail - GOOD RIDDANCE.

Word to the wise for photo editors making those demands of photographers: Don't do it. Stand up for the creatives you want to - or are - working for. You know that as your pool of free photos dies up, the quality of your content will diminish, and so to, the quality of samples of your work for future jobs.

I have little compassion for photo editors who, while they had their staff jobs, took advantage of photographers to get free and cheap work, and now are out of a job.
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