Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Solution for Digital Railroad Survivors

So, my good friends at liveBooks have got a great deal for you, and I'll just put the number out there, so as to not bury the lead:

25% off a liveBooks site if you survived Digital Railroad's demise and now need a web presence.

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You have until November 14th to take advantage of this deal. Previously, you had to be a member of a trade association to get a deal, and that maxxed out at 15%. liveBooks is NOT PhotoShelter, and PhotoShelter is the best solution for archiving, and image licensing/sales. For a website, liveBooks is a top notch solution.

“Many Digital Railroad clients have come to rely on their DRR archives as de facto websites, thanks to the ability to easily upload photo galleries and share high resolution images with clients,” said Andy Patrick, president and CEO of liveBooks. “With Digital Railroad recently ceasing operations, these photographers face the prospect of a substantial disruption in their client workflow, as well as the loss of potentially their only online presence. By extending this offer, we can help DRR clients create a professional, powerful web marketing presence that will enable them to sustain and build their businesses, and also maintain some continuity in their work with clients even in these difficult economic times.”

Of course they have a great website capability, but you can also produce galleries on the fly from a shoot that are password protected, and also deliver images via FTP. So, check them out. If you were looking for the best discount possible to make this happen, you've just found it.

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