Friday, October 24, 2008

Pay Attention

So you're probably asking yourself - What's that photo of? Sadly, that's my laptop bag, containing one 17" Apple laptop, and one Macbook Air - my backup laptop. Why, pray tell, is it sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on 34th Street, next to a construction site and FedEx? Because that's where it fell of my equipment cart being pulled to the Javits center in New York for the photo show.

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It happened because of the assistant pulling the cart - #1 - was pulling it, not pushing it; #2 - didn't want to be pulling it, because she thought that manual labor was beneath her; and, among the other reasons, #3 - she wasn't paying attention to her responsibility - the safe transport of the photo equipment.

It wasn't until we had walked all the way into Javits, and were in an elevator, that *I* eyed my bag, and instantly recognized that it was missing. "Where the F*ck is my laptop bag?" I demanded? Looking up at my crews' faces, I jammed my arm into the closing elevator door, and began a full sprint out Javits, south on 11th, looking at every persons' shoulder to see if someone had picked it up. As I ran into oncoming traffic, at top speed, I was re-tracing my steps to where we were, at the Skylight Diner across from B&H on 9th, having breakfast. I was praying that it had just fallen off the cart amongst the tables and chairs there, and was (semi) safe. As I was running across the corner of 34th and 11th, I spied the bag. Sitting right there. For once I was thankful that this post-9/11 era meant that people were less likely to pick up a black bag with unknown contents. I breathed a sigh of relief that it was safely back in my hands.

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