Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PHOTOPLUS REMINDER-Thurs/Fri/Sat-liveBooks Booth: De-Mystifying Search Engine Optimization - Real World, Real Example

For Sale: The Farm       PRICE: FREE
(Yes, we're giving away the farm on this one.)

With all the discussion and debate about Search Engine Optimization, and the concerns about Google search results that included you vanishing and then re-appearing, I thought it would be a good idea to give a seminar on SEO, and yes, friends, it's FREE. No punches pulled. No Holds Barred.
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The good folks at liveBooks have a spot for me in their booth at PhotoPlus to talk about this. I'll show you how to build your presence - and remain vigilant in your efforts to keep it, and the nuances that will make your efforts even better. In addition, I'll show you a real case study of a photographer going from zero to #1 on Google, and exactly how that photographer achieved those results, and how you can too.

No, this isn't a late night infomercial where you have to buy something to do what I'll be teaching. It's giving you the direction and insights to go out and do it yourself, for your own existing website. Check with the folks at the liveBooks booth for times each day. We will, of course, be reporting from PhotoPlus for the blog, and otherwise checking out the show ourselves to learn about all the latest and greatest gear that's out there. It's Thursday, October 23rd, Friday the 24th, and Saturday the 25th.

Here's the program description:
From Zero to #1 - Search Engine Visibility - Real World Edition
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all the rage and there's plenty of mis-information around. John will not only de-mystify SEO for you, he will provide several highly effective examples of how you can get your current site to page 1 of the search engines for your chosen keywords. With a real-world (and on-going) case study, John demonstrates how he aided in the shift from "invisible" to position 1 on all three search engines for a young and aspiring photographer. If you too aspire to exist on the search engines, you will walk away from this presentation with concrete steps to build your visibility and position.
Be there, or be invisible. Register here for FREE access to the Exhibit Hall, (or visit PhotoPLUS's website here and use VIP Passcode: lbks554)

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