Sunday, August 17, 2008

PDNPulse - A Sweet Makeover

Over the weekend, an evolution occured. Photo District News' website had a major makeover. This isn't just a new skin, it's a whole new site (Pardon Our Dust, 8/11/08), and it's really very cool.

I was poking around and checking under the hood, and
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My first stop was their COMPASS feature - which allows you to search for people by location and the dates they will be in that location. Tuesday, for example, I head overseas for 12 days of assignments, followed by assignments state-side in New Orleans, North Carolina, Texas, and then I will be in New York for PhotoPlus in October. The Lightstalkers site has been the closest I've seen to this ability to keep track of people, in their "On The Move" section, but it's textual, and not by date. I am able to go in and update, extend, delete, and otherwise customize my travel schedule that can be seen by someone who might be looking for a photographer in a particular location - or by people who may want to meet-up with their colleagues overseas. I can easily see COMPASS - which is free, being used as a tool by photo editors looking for photographers in a specific city (or even nearby) as well as fellow photographers.

Once you've entered in those dates, you can also see them geographically on a map:

Further, when you mouse over one of the red push-pins, whomever that pin represents brings up information that you can click in to learn more about. (click to enlarge the image)

Also of very cool note is the entire new Multimedia section, where all the videos they've done can be seen:

Kudos to PDN for their new site - it's got a lot more features than I've highlighted here, but it's worth taking some time to browse around in, so check it out - PDN Online.

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