Thursday, August 14, 2008

UPDATED: Paint It Black - Sports Sidelines Changing Shades

This year's Olympics should well be the turning point where the sidelines of sporting events are - to pay homage to AC/DC - Back in Black. Nikon's flagship D3 - even with a smaller chip than it's competition the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III (and even it's predecessor the 1Ds Mark II) has painted the sidelines at the Olympics (and so too, the news event press pens in DC) more and more black. (Click the photo to see it larger). This is substantially due to Nikon's high ISO - insane at 25,600 ISO, and amazingly useful at 3200 and 6400 ISO without having to even think about it much. To add to this huge lead, consider Canon's faltering with the autofocus mis-steps as highlighted by Rob Galbraith (repeatedly).
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In a few days, I'm headed overseas on assignment for two weeks, and I'll be working in mostly low-light museums and other national treasures in several countries. Even though I own an EOS 1Ds Mark III, and Mark II, instead, I am choosing to take my D3, and a D700 as well. It really was a no-brainer given the multiple times I won't be allowed to use flash - but still am required by my client to make images during the trip. My Canons will sit in the equipment cabinet back in the office.

UPDATE: While Gizmodo is busy counting $253,000 in gear - Quarter Million Dollars of Digital Photo Gear in a Single Photo (8/15/08), hit their link to see 23 cameras at work, and EIGHT of them are Canon's.

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